london bomb attacks

No doubt you'll all have heard by now: BBC NEWS | In Depth | london explosions. I've now heard that all the people I know in London are safe; I wish the same for everyone despite knowing it can't be true for everyone.

I don't know what to make of the world tonight. I certainly have no love for religion and the fundamentalists it produces. I feel tired and angry that terrorists continue these attacks. I wonder what was supposed to be achieved but in a sense I don't care - I don't believe terrorism achieves anything.

I feel sad that the world can create the conditions to inspire terrorism, sad that anyone could become so marginalised that they lash out in such a way. I see terrorists like school bullies with a bad home life - I can guess at motivation but I do not excuse any of the behaviour.

I suppose all we can really do is resolve to live our lives without changing in response to terrorism. Our plans for a trip to the UK - to see friends in London - are not changed. Not for a second. Not much in the greater scheme of things, but it's the only thing within my sphere of influence.

Update: Reagan - 07/07/05, unsurprisingly says it far better than I ever could.


Blogger MommyCool  

July 08, 2005 1:28 am

Good for you not to change your plans. The terrorists sure are clever. What smart people to hurt and kill men, women, and even CHILDREN in the recent London bomb blasts. Now, world citizens will surely say, ?Okay, we give up, come control our lives with your ideologies.? Right? The problem with the leadership at al-Qaeda is that they haven?t figured out that people have no love for killers. Their point of view will only attract the very young and impressionable or the very old and desperate. They miss the largest demographic- law abiding citizens who want peace. If it?s the masses a group wants to affect, do something absolutely worthwhile and positive with the resources. Win hearts. The world may be talking about al-Qaeda , but it?s not in love with it and the goods it?s selling. Without winning hearts, the change al-Qaeda hopes for will always be shallow.

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