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  • PM's new breed of workers | WORKPLACE WARRIORS | Breaking News 24/7 - (12-07-2005): JOHN Howard has identified a new class of "enterprise workers" willing to put Australia's long-term economic needs before their own, and foreshadowed even more workplace reforms. ... Mr Howard's belief that he can bring many workers with him in his Government's industrial relations reforms is the strongest indication yet that he has no intention of making concessions or retreating in the face of opinion polls showing 60 per cent of voters reject his plans. How out of touch do you need to be to think people will put their own needs second to the company? Maybe if you're the CEO with a million dollar salary it might be worthwhile, but don't even try to convince the person on the front desk making $30k that they should put the company first.
  • Cabinet to consider Afghanistan redeployment. 12/07/2005. ABC News Online: Federal Cabinet and the National Security Committee will today discuss how many Australian troops will be sent back to Afghanistan. Apparently people have realised they never finished what they started in Afghanistan.
  • Indigenous health still a major problem: report. 12/07/2005. ABC News Online: A report on disadvantage in Indigenous communities in Australia has found there have been improvements in some areas since 1994, but there are still big problem areas, especially when it comes to health.
  • Interesting wording switch here... Blair vows to defeat terrorists as bomb toll rises. 12/07/2005. ABC News Online: Prime Minister Tony Blair vowed Britain would not be defeated by terrorists as he fended off calls for an inquiry into whether intelligence services could have averted bombings that killed at least 52 people. In the headline, Blair is talking about defeating the terrorists; which implies retaliation and beating the terrorists into submission. Actually Blair talks about not being defeated which is something entirely different. Having the resolve to continue on does not imply any form of escalation or retaliation. The key point is that does not give the terrorists any excuse to attack again - not that they have an excuse in the first place, but taking America's course of action pushes the situation to the brink of open war. It's a small wording trick, but it's important to note the difference. You'd expect it from but it's disappointing to see this come from the Abie.
  • Four gored in bull running | Europe | Breaking News 24/7 - (11-07-2005): FOUR people, including an on-duty policeman, were gored by bulls on the fifth day of the bull-running festival in the northern Spanish city of Pamplona on Monday. Interesting how often people get gored when the bulls have a fighting chance. In the bullring, they ensure the bull is weakened to stack the odds.


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