random observations from recent weeks

  • milo bars are seriously addictive. on a related note, i've become so used to fund raiser chocolate in the office that i was slightly miffed the other day when i wanted a freddo and there were none to be had.
  • at some point i stopped expecting anything better than aggressively bad service from every retailer i deal with. not just the absence of good service... actively bad service.
  • i hate these filthy humans. except you of course.
  • my new dvd burner rocks. so does my new external hard drive enclosure (it really is *shiny*!), with shmick seagate 200gig drive.
  • i feel old. the whole dvd format thing shits me... i find myself grumbling that i just want to burn round, flat dvds.
  • no matter how long they are, IDE cables need to be about 5cm longer. and there needs to be more distance between the first and second plugs. actually i need* $300 for a new Antec quiet case and psu.
  • against all laws of nature, physics and EVERYTHING DECENT... microsoft's support site sucks AND blows.
  • bunnings didn't have the one barbeque that we wanted. damn them to hell. although we did finally pick up little stick on hooks so i can finally put my wire artwork gecko up in the bathroom.
  • i need* $2000 to blow on a Canon 350D. make that $3000 so i can get a new compact digital as well - probably another sony, but with a Zeiss lense. hell, $4000 so i can get a Manfrotto tripod with all the attachments.
  • my isp seems a bit flaky at the moment. anonymizer can see Funny Shit, the 200ok weblog and so on... and i can get my email most of the time, but i can't browse to any of it. can't get to rocksluts either.
  • the deluxe edition of DJ Shadow's "Endtroducing" is awesome. i didn't think it was possible for me to love this album more than i already did.
  • apparently winter is over. damnit.
  • friends got married. great night. it was awesome to have so many of the old college crew back together, too. i have a great photo of them all in mid-shot....
  • a taxi nearly ran into me tonight, so i honked to avoid an accident. the arsehole had the nerve to honk me as he passed me a few seconds later. fuck taxis. fuck buses too, while we're at it. don't complain that it's your living, you brought it on yourselves by driving like jerks all the time.
  • i'm tired. sleep now.

* I'll abuse the word "need" however i see fit ;)


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