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  • Govt to toughen Telstra regional service conditions. 04/08/2005. ABC News Online: Telstra will be told today that its licensing conditions will be toughened to include a requirement for a local presence in regional areas. New Telstra chief Sol Trujillo says the demands on the telco through the universal service obligation (USO) should be shared with other carriers. Someone needs to belt this guy around the head and remind him that Telstra's core business is supposed to be about satisfying the USO. In return, they get complete domination of the market. What the hell more do they want?
  • Corby's reopened trial ends in tears - National - Judge Sirait also rejected pleas to allow a Melbourne prisoner, Paul, several other criminals and police to give evidence via video link. Paul has supported allegations by a second prisoner claiming the marijuana found in Corby's bags in Denpasar belonged to a fellow inmate. I can't find a news article explaining why the prisoners were not allowed to travel to the court to give evidence in person, but I have been told based on TV news that the Australian Government simply won't grant permission for them to do so. Basically the Australian Government has demonstrated at length that - as far as they are concerned - if you get in trouble overseas, you will be assumed guilty and they won't help you.
  • President stirs debate with evolution remark - World - Critics saw Mr Bush's comment that 'both sides' should be taught as the most troubling aspect of his remarks. 'It sounds like you're being fair, but creationism is a sectarian religious viewpoint,' said Susan Spath, a spokeswoman for the National Centre for Science Education. 'It's not fair to privilege one religious viewpoint by calling it the other side of evolution.' A guy who looks like a chimp should not be pushing this issue. Plus, church and state should be fucking separate. ARGH.
  • Men's life crises at age 25 | The Other Side | Breaking News 24/7 - (04-08-2005): To qualify for a mid-life crisis, a man used to have to be at least 40-something. Today, he is succumbing to the classic self-doubt and anxiety as young as 25. Not really a new trend. The pressure is on everyone to achieve the perfect life by 25, as unrealistic as that is.
  • Australian IT - Internet the big revenue winner (Lara Sinclair, AUGUST 04, 2005): THE steep growth in advertising dollars spent online during the next five years will come directly from newspapers, a report from PricewaterhouseCoopers has found. People have realised that online ads are real ads.


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