things i've learned after $1600 of peoplesoft training

  • According to legend, Jolt (the technology) was so named because the developers were drinking Jolt cola to keep themselves going through the long coding sessions. They had to come up with a name in a hurry and Jolt was it. Later on, marketing people had to invent an appropriate name for the acronym. It's a pity they weren't drinking Bawls.
  • Sydney CBD has noticeably more emergency sirens than Brisbane in any given time period.
  • Sydney drivers start honking after the light has been green for three milliseconds. Sydney cabbies are time travellers and honk before anyone else has even seen someone pause for three milliseconds.
  • Regardless of how I may have felt while trying to complete my first IT assignment, I apparently know quite a bit of Techie Shit.

Well, to be fair I've also learned some stuff about PeopleSoft... and not just the fact that the admin interface is even worse than the user interface, either :) The product's interface suffers mightily from growing out of a Windows client solution. I'd guess that the port to a web app was not done by people with a primary skillset in web development.

Note that I am fully aware that while the problems with the interface are many and varied, this does not reflect what the backend does or can do. So don't get up in arms if you're a PS developer, you can PeopleCode to your PeopleHeart's content. Just don't believe PeopleSoft/Oracle's documentation which claims the Portal "works in any HTML 4 browser", because that's crap.

So anyway. Three more days to go.


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