things people on livejournal photo groups need to learn

  • there's a difference between snapshots and artistic photography (photographers: Snapshots!!! says it so well).
  • there's a 99% chance photos of your child have no artistic merit or interest to anyone else. they're special to you and that's wonderful, just keep them to yourself.
  • same goes for any other child in your extended friends and family group, but you don't have the excuse of parental blindness.
  • pet photos are also difficult to self-edit, although there's a far higher chance that people will like the photo anyway even if it's not artistically brilliant.
  • don't ask for feedback unless you're willing to receive it.
  • "give me feedback" does not mean "say my photo is perfect".
  • if you can work out how to post 48 photos, you can work out how to use the lj cut tag.
  • cut text like "photo" does not give us any idea what the photo might actually contain... and if we don't know, we're not going to click.
  • a 2meg photo is not a "thumbnail" just because you've set it to display 100px wide.
  • if the photo is obviously no good (nothing in focus, totally blown out, etc), don't post the damn thing. "they're crap but i thought i'd post them anyway LOL!!" doesn't make the photos better. the exception is if you post it so you can ask for advice to take better shots next time.
  • if the shot is really big, contains nudity or is potentially confronting, use a cut. don't pull out that 'free speech' bullshit, nobody is stopping you posting; they just want you to use a cut. get over it.
  • a controversial subject does not mean it's automatically a good photo.

lj really needs an ignore button.


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