the betrayal of new orleans

Eventually I had to mention the situation in New Orleans.

I imagine I'm like many people... I've been seeing news reports I can't quite believe. The only solution Dubya seems to have proposed so far is to get in there and start shooting people. I mean, sure, that's an effective way of stopping people being hungry. Dead people don't eat much.

But how on earth are we supposed to accept the idea that the US can organise hundreds of thousands of troops to invade a country on the other side of the globe, yet they can't get an effective aid solution for a disaster with several days lead time? It's not like the tsunami... people knew the hurricane was coming. It was kind of hard to miss.

I personally believe that Dubya fundamentally doesn't care and it's probably racial to some degree - whether he's smart enough to understand his own prejudice or not. Actions speak louder than words, and so far they've said "It's mostly black people, right? Let them starve for a bit, then we'll go shoot them."

There are so many things I could link to with regards to this issue. I am essentially plucking one at random from the stream, which does say a lot (certainly not everything that needs saying): Do You Know What It Means to Lose New Orleans? - New York Times: But to my country I want to say this: During this crisis you failed us. You looked down on us; you dismissed our victims; you dismissed us. You want our Jazz Fest, you want our Mardi Gras, you want our cooking and our music. Then when you saw us in real trouble, when you saw a tiny minority preying on the weak among us, you called us 'Sin City,' and turned your backs.

(via a Billion Suns | Anne Rice on New Orleans)


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