for anyone who has received or sent the 'no petrol day' thing

Urban Legends Reference Pages: Politics (Pain in the Gas):

Claim: Participating in 1- or 3-day boycott of gasoline in September 2005 will cause oil companies to "choke on their stockpiles" and bring down the price of gasoline.

Status: False.

The logic just doesn't work - it's not like 'buy nothing day', where the point is made to the consumer. Buying your petrol a day earlier or later means there's no difference to the actual amount of petrol used; so there's no point made to the oil companies.

If people really wanted to make a difference, they'd have to get absolutely everyone to boycott petrol for at least an entire week and probably more. Alternatively, get people not to use any petrol... and unless you make an exception for buses, that's not going to work.

To really really make a difference, we all need to buy electric cars. Which won't happen until they're no different in price or performance. We - as a society - are not the slightest bit ready to sacrifice anything for the sake of using less petrol.


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