for anyone who missed it

States approve new anti-terrorism laws | ABC News. Why the states and not federal government? Howard openly admits the laws are unconstitutional, but the states can get around that.

We can now be detained without charge or trial for at least 14 days, not to mention jailed for any web post deemed to justify terrorism. The great victory of the states was to get a 10 year sunset clause. I'm sure they raised a sweat getting that, FFS.

Check out Araquael's Gnus Roundup for more details, in case you're not angry or scared enough yet: Gnus Roundup - Police State Special. Beazley is claiming the new laws don't go far enough. Amazing what happens when the nation's political leaders become entirely confident that no law could ever be applied to them. Put him under house arrest for a few months, see if he still thinks the laws don't go far enough.

I have no idea who I can vote for any more. Bloody self-destructing Democrats. I can see the new bumper stickers now: Don't blame me, I voted informal.


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