terrorism has destroyed civil liberties

Innocent in London: So, basically the Police have decided that wearing a rain jacket, carrying a rucksack with a laptop inside, looking down at the steps while going in a tube station and checking your phone for messages just tick too many checkmarks on their checklist and make you a terrorist suspect.

I think what bugs me is that Australia seems determined to implement various laws justified with notions of national security... the result is likely to be that anyone can be arrested, any time, with no actual reason required. This does scare me.

What if I wander into a train station while sending a text message? What if I'm wearing my trenchcoat at the tail end of winter when realistically I could use a lighter jacket? What if I take a photo of something and some twit of a security guard doesn't believe there was an aesthetic interest? What if I have a USB extension cord in my backpack?

Do you trust them to honour a sunset clause? Or will they just keep us scared of bombs forever?


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