worthy things

...where I plug some worthy things being done by friends!

  • The Factory: adventures in brisbane subcultures... promises to be a great dance show, choreographed by Claire Marshall. September 15th, 16th, 17th @ 7pm, 9pm and 11pm each night. Venue: 610 Ann St Fortitude Valley. Tickets from Rockinghorse. I don't like modern dance as a general rule, but I love Claire's work. It'll be fuckin' funny AS, mate[/strine].
  • Rocksluts now features photos of the VNV Nation/Tycho Brahe/Novakill gig from last Thursday night. Excellent work as usual.
  • Third Stone Botanicals products are now available online via Vitale (Paddington). From the site: Over the 10 years that Third Stone Botanicals has been researched and developed, a comprehensive range has evolved including face & body care, hair care, bath treats such as bath teas, oils and salts, and a few favourites ? Aromatherapy cleansing bars, herbal teas and a mother & baby range. Tess is my cousin. She's bloody good at what she does :)


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