pirate/goth christmas

At work, people are pretty serious about Christmas. Offensively so, in fact. So this year we decided to get into the spirit of things, in our own way of course. Note that the office was already full of jolly rogers, we just added a seasonal layer over the top. All the decorations came from The Christmas Cave, so they all count as Christmas-y.

black christmas wreath, with baubles, with jolly roger peeking through the hole
Merry Christm-ARRRR-s! Big black wreath with a few baubles added. The jolly roger just happened to fit nicely, not that I had this effect in mind when I found the wreath or anything.

black, white and silver christmas balls, with strings of black beads
No black tinsel! The slack bastards! I couldn't ascertain whether they originally had black tinsel or not; the poor girl we were talking to appeared to be in some stage of heat stroke. The place was basically a tin shed, with no real aircon (a couple of portable units were making a valiant effort, but Brisbane summer wins). It was 33° outside at the time. So anyway, we got a big long string of black beads instead.

black christmas tree
They'd sold out of medium size black trees; so here is a small desktop sized black christmas tree! :)

After the initial reaction, most people observe that.... well, actually, it's colour coordinated and actually aesthetically pleasing. As opposed to random coloured tinsel and lights bunged up with no particular theme or order in mind. We've just been pointing out that ours is an entirely accessible Christmas - no problems with red/green colourblindness, for example.

Next mission is to get to the lolly warehouse for a really big jar of red/white boiled lollies. Which, you guessed it, will be my Bah Humbugs.


Anonymous Anonymous  

December 14, 2005 5:24 pm


Good to see Team Random is keeping the dream alive :D

Have you seen the tinsel cubicle at Cow Campus yet?

P.S -- your blog is now infested with advertising pop-ups offering to 'scan' my computer.

Ditch blogger dude.
Google do too much evil ;)

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