that 1 guy... ahwoooo!

Attention everyone, including those in Sydney and Melbourne. That 1 Guy is playing in your town and you should go. His show is absolutely incredible, can't recommend it highly enough! Don't think there's anyone on my list living in Tassie/Byron/Katoomba/other places on the tour schedule, but hey if so, pay attention too. For those of you who do the Woodford Folk Festival, he's booked there too.

What can I say... we're talking about a guy who has created his own musical instrument - a stonking big pipe with strings. He also plays a saw, a shoe and rocks out with a credit card. It's an unusual act to say the least, but last night he held the entire crowd at The Troubadour utterly spellbound from the first song to the encore.

colinmo has posted about the show too.

T1G returns to Brisbane early next year, I expect to drag as many of you beotches as I can get hold of along to the show :)

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