there was this fairly randomly-chosen date of religious significancematerialistic insanity, you see...

Whew, survived another Christmas. In pretty random order:

  • Once again clocked up several hundred kilometres to see both sides of the family.
  • My new car was admired greatly by many. Including L's parents' neighbours, who apparently ducked over into the garage for a closer look on Christmas morning :) [Which is cool, the neighbours are very nice people.]
  • Car finished the initial break-in period somewhere between here and the farm. w00t! I can now rev it past 4000rpm.
  • Only one present received, but it's a biggie. Well, actually we haven't received it yet; we received money towards it and L and I are adding to the cash as our present to each other. We will shortly own an espresso machine. We were going to buy one today... but at Myer Indro they ran out of stock and at Toowong David Jones we'd just put our hands on the box when all the lights went out. We left by the light of L's phone's torch (one of the most useful features ever). That said, had we called out to the staff they would have escorted us out with torches - it was all handled pretty quickly and with a minimum of fuss.
  • I did buy a new knife at Indro though - damn you, sales! 30% off Furi knives made the improved 17cm East/West knife affordable-ish. So now I have the scalloped version as well as the flat original version! Here's hoping stuff like potato doesn't stick to it - the scallops should break the surface tension. Theoretically :) No matter what, having two will be useful since we use the one we have for just about everything. If you find full-size cook's knives a bit unwieldy then try the East/West knife (seriously). So... hmm, well, the purchase wasn't planned in the budget but I guess I'll manage. I've wanted one for ages so I don't really regret it.
  • Last year we 'went around the world' in whiskey (well scotland, ireland and america anyway). This year I picked up a 'beer lover's box' from BWS with 12 different beers. I hooked up an iPod to the stereo and my brother and I sat up late sampling all the beer and music... :)
  • I think several people in my family are now planning to buy iPods :)
  • My brother-in-law's brother-in-law (what the fuck relation is that, anyway?) has the most insane home theatre I've ever seen. It is awesome. Hell yes. Here's hoping he hosts next year's State of Origin games...
  • Oh and yes, the brutal heat sucked greatly.


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