photo: sydney harbour, one afternoon in 2004

photo of the walkway beside sydney harbour

If memory serves, I took this the day after the Covenant gig. It was the first time I'd ever flown interstate just to see a band; first time I'd been to Sydney since Australia Day 1988. In fact, the first time L and I had really travelled anywhere together.

I remember dinner at Betty's Soup Kitchen, getting half lost on the way to the gig, crashing into horrible fatigue and only making it through the night on the sheer joy of the gig. I remember chatting through the lift home that night (via the Anzac Bridge) courtesy of the ever-wonderful rocksluts.

I remember the Harbour Bridge really making its impression on me the next day, amazing me that it really doesn't look like the postcards (although the Opera House really does). Took scores of average photos, a few good ones. We'd bought our cameras just days before the trip, deciding we'd be damned if we flew interstate and didn't have digital cameras :)

So, anyway, it's another photo of Sydney... :)

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