a to z meme

  1. A - Accent: I imagine it's Strine. Not that I notice it myself, nor do I think it's overly broad. Although I tend to follow accents of other people when I talk to them. Probably a terrible habit, not sure where it came from.
  2. B - Breakfast Item: Up+Go (breakfast drink thing)
  3. C - Chore You Hate: Cleaning the bathroom and toilet.
  4. D - Dad's Name: Bruce.
  5. E - Essential Everyday Item: I wouldn't get far without glasses.
  6. F - Flavour Ice Cream: Rum & raisin and coffee. If I can get two scoops, why choose? :)
  7. G - Gold or Silver: Silver.
  8. H - Hometown: Brisbane.
  9. I - Insomnia: Fucking horrible. I have periodic run-ins with that particular beast.
  10. J - Job Title: More or less 'that standards guy'. Formally: Web Standards Developer.
  11. K - Kids: Get ye back, spawn of hell.
  12. L - Living Arrangements: Live with fiancee in a small unit full of our crap. Would rather live in a larger house where our crap wouldn't look so crammed in :)
  13. M - Mum's Birthplace: Same as me.
  14. N - Number of Significant Others You've Had: Only one. Well, at one time I would have said two; but in hindsight it wasn't really a relationship.
  15. O - Overnight Hospital Stays: One.
  16. P - Phobias: Boring to talk about.
  17. Q - Queer: Garbage, 1995. Good song.
  18. R - Religious Affiliation: Web Standards? NRL? Subaru?
  19. S - Siblings: Two, older brother and sister.
  20. T - Time I Wake Up: Eventually.
  21. U - Unnatural Hair That's not a nice thing to say.
  22. V - Vegetable You Refuse Cauliflower.
  23. W - Worst Habit: Saying what I think when I should know better.
  24. X - X-rays I've Had: Arm, hand, teeth/head.
  25. Y - Yummy: That's a very broad keyword. I'll go with cinnamon confectionary.
  26. Z - Zodiac Sign: Libra.



Anonymous Anonymous  

January 18, 2006 6:59 pm

K - Kids: Get ye back, spawn of hell.

Would that...mean that you are hell?

Blogger 200ok  

January 19, 2006 1:39 am

Nah. Just that I don't "get" those miniature humans that some people are so keen on.

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