i hurt :(

On Thursday I went to the bank, then went to physio, then to the doctor to have a skin tag (harmless, annoying bit of puffy skin) cut out of my back. I took the day off, but with unwarranted levels of optimism I did not arrange to take today off as well. As it turns out, today became sick leave.

Physio wasn't too bad, although I wouldn't actually choose to have it done. Wrist manipulated, shoulder manipulated, neck and shoulder massaged (and not the feel-good type), back cracked (literally), wrist ultrasounded, shoulder muscles zapped (electro therapy) and my first ever acupuncture. All in about 40 minutes.

I had thought that getting the skin tag taken off was a simple, "nip it off" type of deal. As it turns out mine was a three-stitch deal; made unpleasant by the anaesthetic not working properly on one side (I could feel more than I was supposed to). The bugger started bleeding again later - cue return visit at midnight. A different doctor with a far less gentle touch cleaned off the blood and put on a new dressing. Frankly, it hurt a lot more afterwards; but at least it stopped bleeding.

Don't get me wrong, I know this is a minor procedure. Just not quite negligible as I originally thought ;)

So today I realise that I can't move properly, no bending and driving in traffic would be a really bad idea. Leah called me in sick when I could barely wake up and moving hurt. It's not the cut (although I know it's there) so much as the fact that every muscle from my neck to my butt is sore as hell from trying to sit/lie/walk ramrod straight the whole time.

Blah. Bring on the medical treatments of science fiction - flesh sealers, nanobot repairers, all the things writers have dreamed up which would make medicine faster, cleaner and less traumatic. Flying cars, or vat-grown donor organs... I'd choose the organs.


Anonymous Anonymous  

February 23, 2006 3:53 pm

ahhh Ben, stop ya whinging! :P


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