mod cons

The Judith Wright Centre of Contemporary Arts | MOD CONS choreographed by Claire Marshall: This new work by choreographer Claire Marshall features a cast of 12 QUT dance graduates and her unique movement vocabulary that fuses contemporary dance with robot moves. Mod Cons is inspired by the commercial excess of modern culture, consumer manipulation, advertising hype and social pressure! Claire?s pop culture-inspired works reach out to audiences who don?t usually attend contemporary dance. Her two latest works The Factory; Adventures in Brisbane Subcultures, and Pop Trash at the Judith Wright Centre in March 2005, appealed to underground music culture fans.

I highly recommend you get along to this. Like it says right there in the copy, Claire's work appeals to people who don't normally get into contemporary dance (that's me!). I've seen all three shows (two live, one on tape) and enjoyed them a huge amount :)


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