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  • Teen-sex teacher avoids jail - The Nation - Breaking News 24/7 - A FEMALE teacher who had sex three times with a 15-year-old student has escaped being sent to jail. ... Handing down a suspended prison sentence, Judge Gordon Barrett said Nolan's sacking as a teacher, and the considerable media publicity given to her case, had already served as considerable punishment. There's a double standard... imagine for a moment if this was a female student and a male teacher. Do you think the teacher would have avoided jail?
  • Minister criticises Sizzler over poison reporting delay. 01/03/2006. ABC News Online: Queensland Health Minister Stephen Robertson says 'it's not good enough' that Sizzler took 37 days to report a possible case of food contamination in to Queensland Health. The company has closed all self-serve salad bars in Australia until further notice after rat pellets were found in salad bar dishes at two restaurants in Brisbane. Mr Robertson says he will consider making it compulsory for food outlets to report such incidents immediately. I'm amazed that it's not compulsory already! Sizzler sat on the situation for weeks, continuing to trade the entire time... yet they think they're doing the right thing: Sizzler shuts salad bars over poison scare. 01/03/2006. ABC News Online: 'I'm not sure it is a PR disaster. I believe we're doing the right thing in closing the salad bar down and investigating future initiatives so that we can continue operations to what is a very popular product to the Australian consumer.' [said Sizzler's national managing director Bo Ryan]
  • The Australian: Beer and fun clubs flourish [March 01, 2006]: [At UQ's O-week,] showbags packed with condoms, libido stimulators and bottled water were packing them in over at the International Student Travel Confederation tent. Early signs are that cheap beer and ice cream will dominate student club life on campus after voluntary student unionism is introduced on July 1. The thing about VSU is that you'll now have to provide what the students want and not what they need. Plus, most students have no real idea where their money is going - or why the refectory's prices will jump and childcare faces shutdown in six months. You're dealing with swathes of 17 year olds, not adults who are used to paying for things which aren't fun or glamourous.
  • Your say on driving distractions - Driven to Distraction - Breaking News 24/7 - SMOKERS could be banned from lighting up in their own cars following the New South Wales's Government's decision to ban the habit in pubs and clubs. I'd support that idea just to stop the fuckers who flick lit cigarette butts out the window. Unless of course smokers agreed to leave their car windows down when they park, so we can our rubbish into their car.
  • ABC Sport - Rugby League - Warriors to appeal points penalty. Seems a bit much to strip competition points from a team before they play a game (on top of a massive fine). If they were playing with an over-cap team, then they would be getting an on-field advantage; but they're not. I would have thought it'd make sense to give them until game one to sort it out without losing the points, but still pay the fine.

Is it just me, or are major news websites redesigning to make it more difficult to locate hard news between the fluff and opinion?


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