go karting

Went go karting today (kingston park) as part of a team building thing. It was a lot of fun, but now I hurt in some odd places (heels of my palms..? how the hell did I bruise those? not to mention a huge welt on my back...). My advice if you end up go karting - grab a pillow/cushion and pad that nasty plastic seat. I did two sessions on the plastic and two on the pillow. I know what I'll be doing at all times in future!

Did four sessions (practice and three heats) before deciding to sit out the final. Too tired and sore and needed to leave something in the tank to drive the real car back home afterwards. My best lap was 1:01 and a top speed of 80km/h; which was the 6th best time out of 12 drivers so respectable enough. Best of the day was 0:58 and not a hell of a lot quicker from memory (more about driving well than top speed).

I didn't get my goal of a sub-1:00 time but hey not many of us did :) I steadily improved every single lap through the first two sessions; ran consistent 1:01-1:04 times in the third; then spun out a couple of times and stalled once in the last heat.

80km/h in a souped up dodgem car with your bum about 10cm off the ground? I'm glad I didn't think too hard about it at the time! :) The twin engine 105km/h karts must be insane.

So anyway... yeah, fun! Ow.


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