some stuff that's happened lately

This one is basically a journal post, skip if you want.

  • It has been chilly, by Brisbane standards.
  • I just logged a job to get the last of my old Lycos (nee Tripod) guestbooks deleted. Forgot it existed until it started getting spammed. End of an era there, I started the thing back in 1996!
  • It amused L greatly that I managed to hurt myself with a chopping board. I grabbed one off the shelf and another one came with it. It skinned my wrist then went on to land point-first on my foot. It hurt.
  • L's macbook pro is finally using wireless, instead of us having a network cable trailed around the unit. Woo. It took several goes, fruitless appeals for help in Mac forums, an utterly mysterious 'suddenly started working' and a call to Apple to find out how the hell you check if it's actually using encryption. OSX continues to fail to win me over.
  • Officially didn't get the job in Melbourne. Oh yeah, did I mention I applied for a cool job in Melbourne? :) Guess they had better/local candidates. Sigh.
  • L is strongly suggesting I take a semester off uni. The two courses...err...subjects? Units? Whatever they're called. The two I've done have been fine, but my timetable has been fucked around completely both semesters this year and if I never use QUT's network or see GP's stupid carpark again (nor its eternally empty change machine) then I'll be happy. The real kicker is that if I do find an interstate job and we move, I'll either forfeit the fees for that semester (and possibly cop an academic penalty too) or have to work externally and fly back for assessment. I'm undecided. I had planned to just keep going. For one thing if I stop I'll be tempted not to go back and for another thing you kind of have to live normally until the day you're definitely leaving.
  • Trying to save more money. Not doing well so far, but that's partly due to the HELP (nee HECS) debt which is now doing nasty things to my pay packet.
  • Escaped to the farm, weekend before last. My parents were away on holidays, so we were pretty much using it as a country retreat - very reasonable rates ;) Got out there late Friday night (drove out after dinner) and it was 4°C outside. Brr! It was blissful - so quiet outside, widescreen TV inside, newly-installed broadband... very quiet. Did I mention quiet? :)

Enough navel gazing for one post, I think.


Blogger Treason is the reason for the Season  

June 28, 2006 7:42 am

It has been chilly, by Brisbane standards.
I'm loving it! Winter at last!

OSX continues to fail to win me over.
Yeah...I've found OSX is good if you use all Apple hardware to do Apple-y things in traditional Apple software (graphic design, photo work, etc). But if you try to break out, things get ugly very quickly. I've basically come to the same conclusion, OSX = mmeh. It's nice, but in the end, I simple prefer Linux.

Blogger Jack  

July 02, 2006 12:25 pm

Hey, I like your blog! I've started a webring for Australian Students. Come and check it out? Delete this if you see it as spam.


Anonymous Anonymous  

July 10, 2006 10:27 am


was wondering where abouts in brisbane you are at and if i could possibly contact you

0430 145 850


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