the move

We finally have a place rented in Sydney - hoo-bloody-ray, things were getting a tad stressful on that count :) Both of us are completely ratshit tired. Not sleeping so well, it seems.

We still have a bunch of shit to cart out to my parents place - stuff we want to store, plus some shit we couldn't sell. Heaps of no-shows, utterly pissed with the whole thing. Tempted to take an axe to some of it and leave it in the bin.

Bank is pissing us off completely, we have some stuff to sort out before we go and they're running days late with all their paperwork. Not that we could ever tell them to hold their horses for a couple of days, of course. Ahh well, nothing we can do except stress.

But overall things are coming together. To distract myself, I've created a Flickr account. Weird thing is most of the photos so far are from previous Sydney trips. Go figure ;)


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