holy crap

Road network in chaos | The Courier-Mail: TWO inner-city freeway onramps and parts of the Riverside Expressway and North Quay have been closed until at least the end of the week after engineers discovered a new concrete crack.

I occasionally wondered what would happen if the Riverside Expressway was closed. Seriously, Brisbane's road system is in trouble and that entire expressway needs to be seriously upgraded. No politician would ever willingly cause that kind of disruption. It would actually take a collapse to get the population to buy it.

Kind of glad I don't have to do that commute any more..! ;)


Anonymous Anonymous  

October 18, 2006 12:45 pm

Wonder no more - the hypothetical "what if the 30-odd year old solution for funneling people into the city broke down" question has been answered in glorious style!

Personally I suspect Campbell Newman was madly at work with a jackhammer to further his tunnel plans...

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