sweet, sweet connection

Finally we have broadband. Huzzah! *plugs network cable into arm*

Man, all web developers should be stuck on dialup for a month. That'd teach us to use big images and heavy scripting. Feh!

Gmail kept giving slightly snarky messages like - and this is pretty close to the exact words - this seems to be taking a long time, do you want to switch to the plain HTML version? Take it from me, it didn't help. Google's authentication is a particular weak point - that will often fail on a slow connection.

Flickr was not fun on dialup and you can forget YouTube. Download the latest episode of The Chaser? NO chance. Hell, even system updates were crapping out.

So, hurrah for broadband!


Anonymous Anonymous  

October 15, 2006 5:10 pm

Some nights, I give up on checking Gmail at all. It's not worth the half hour watching a blank screen...

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