• Friday night - drinks after work. People kept handing me beer, it was awesome. I didn't know if I'd been paid yet, which was not so awesome.
  • Saturday - got paid and got broadband, which was awesome.
  • Then left the house and wandered to Festivals of Japan, saw some incredible drummers but baked in the heat. All the stalls seemed to be 'come visit Japan' travel agenty stuff though, which was disappointing. So we left.
  • Met up with friends from Brisbane and caught the ferry to Manly for dinner and drinks at the Manly Wharf Hotel. Good, but they stuffed up our order which put a dampener on things. Then we went to Max Brenner and people damaged themselves with chocolate. Started a walk along the beach afterwards but realised the howling gale was making things too cold! Ferry back was interesting, people outside kept screaming as they got covered in spray.
  • Got home, set up broadband then both of us stayed up stupidly late on the net. It was not a good idea! Realised we'd also missed Bloodlust in favour of the Manly expedition. I don't regret the choice, but I do still feel the need for some stompy tunes and a room full of people who appreciate them :)
  • Sunday - Got up and went to late breakfast with friends from Brisbane. Waddled off to the Rocks Markets; bought a dragon artwork (it's being framed, need to go pick it up). Then headed out to Oxford Street for continued shopping.
  • When the feet gave out, it was time to head back for high tea at the Victorian Tea House (or something), which was fun. Incredible interior, you just wouldn't know it was there.
  • Monday - no hot water this morning :( Day kind of went downhill from there (although the office prank did put a little bit of spark into the morning). But! things picked up when we...
  • Met up with more friends from Brisbane and went and damaged ourselves with chocolate at Max Brenner again! The original plan also called for another mission to the noodle markets, but they piked and ate at the hotel instead.
  • I parked by stopping and reversing half a block back up the street, to avoid driving for about a year to get back the same distance. Shit. I think I'm turning into a Sydney driver!


Anonymous Anonymous  

October 22, 2006 4:45 am

mmmm Max Brenner. I do love his chocolate.

And yay for broadband!! I know how good a feeling it is. :)

Blogger 200ok  

October 24, 2006 9:32 am

I did the candle-heated hot chocolate thingy. Can't remember what they're called. Not a lot of chocolate - actually not a bad thing for me - but it certainly kept everyone else entertained. "Dinner and a show!" I said...

Too much milk chocolate though, not enough dark chocolate!

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