glass house axed

Shit news of the day is that the ABC is now the Government's bitch, evidenced by their decision to axe The Glass House despite high ratings. The news was confirmed on Wil Anderson's blog, not to mention the show itself and the official website.

John Howard was quick to refute claims he pressured the ABC to axe the show. I can only assume that means he got someone else to do it. The hundreds of comments attached to that last link and Wil's blog post suggest I'm not the only one.

On that note, if you are pissed off make sure you tell the ABC.

I think what really pisses me off is the assumptions that a) pulling the piss out of the Government constitutes political bias, and b) The Glass House has to be unbiased anyway. It's a comedy show, not a political analysis program or news bulletin. If the ABC News contained the same content, that'd be an issue. But let's face it The Glass House includes puns, funny photos and dick jokes.

Worse than the axing of a favourite show of mine, this demonstrates ABC management's actual bias - pro-Liberal, pro-Howard. If Johnny says be nice, the ABC will be nice. Don't dare criticise the PM even when the lying weasel deserves it. It's not really about the specific show that has been axed, so much as the ABC's willingness to do it.

Welcome to the latest chapter in Howard's regime - the silencing of the critics.


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