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Snarfed from colinmo. Making a movie soundtrack from your music collection...

  1. Open your mp3 library (iTunes, Winamp, Media Player, iPod, shortwave radio from Eastern Europe)
  2. Put it on shuffle (or random or whatever else it gets called)
  3. Press play
  4. For every section of the movie, type the song that's playing
  5. When you go to a new question, press the next button
  6. Don't lie and try to pretend you're cool

Ok, let's give this a try. I have been told I have notably ecclectic taste so this could get interesting.

  1. Opening title: Timo Maas - Schieber 1 (off Music for the Maases)[easy paced dancy track]. Not such a bad opener, really. Builds up with some interesting tones and samples. We could do an intro like the one from Romeo Must Die.
  2. Waking up: Morphine - A Head With Wings [ballsy saxophone-driven blues/rock sound]. Must be waking up with a hangover. If I'm doing an opening sequence to this track I guess I'm sucking down black coffee and cigarettes then jumping into a really big black american convertible.
  3. First day of school: Moby - Machete [high tempo dance with sort of ambient bridges and builds, then some almost tribal distorted lyrics]. Well I guess it seems like an adventure at first.
  4. Falling in love: Tea Party - Coming Home [guitar rock, big vocals]. Heh, interesting if you read the lyrics. Guess I met a cute brunette, hey.
  5. Fight song: Tea Party - Luxuria. Huh? Two Tea Party tracks in a row? :) ...and is this a couple fight or a biff?
  6. Breaking up: Pollution Volume 3 - Industrial Waste (Remix) [goa trance off Travelling]. From rock to serious bleep action. This is one interesting movie...
  7. Prom/High School Formal: Beastie Boys - We Got The. Well that sure would have beaten my real high school formal. Could it be a live show?
  8. Life's ok: The Cure - The Holy Hour (Group Home Demo) [this is a very raw demo recording which was re-recorded for an extremely moody album]. Be still gothlings, all is well ;) Well if we started with Morphine it doesn't seem too odd.
  9. Mental breakdown: The Cure - Pictures of You. OK, so iTunes "random" isn't. Apparently I'm believing that pictures are real, and I can feel them. Guess it's relatively appropriate! :)
  10. Driving: Johann - Same Same But Different [serious psytrance off Imagi:Nations Part 1 - Night]. This is going to be one seriously interesting drive. Get David Lynch in here, or maybe Terry Gilliam.
  11. Flashback: Coldplay - Daylight. Not such a bad flashback track.
  12. Getting back together: The Doors - Hello, I Love You. Aww :)
  13. Wedding: David Bowie - Golden Years. Hmm, that could even happen. Especially considering the ball scene from A Knights Tale that breaks into this track... we've always liked the way they do that. Mostly in an "amused" way.
  14. Birth of a child: The Beloved - Sweet Harmony [dreamy chill track off one of the MoS Chillout Sessions]. Cute I guess. Do we have to have a birth? Not in my movie, pal ;)
  15. Final battle: Moby - Alone [very long ambient track]. Very slow science fiction dogfight in space maybe? Maybe I'll come back at the end and hit random again [click click... The Prodigy - Speedway. Hmm. I think we're still in some kind of high speed scenario here :)].
  16. Funeral song: Minddrive - Soundcheque [big dance track off Ferry Corsten's Global Trancemissions]. Sweet, so it's not a wake it's a rave! There's an awesome idea. Bush doof, glowsticks, midnight burial...
  17. Shallow comment: The Future Sound of London - Central Industrial. "Shallow comment"?
  18. End credits: Gorillaz - O Green World [crazy sounding electronic/hiphop/something]. Well it certainly caps a weird movie. Did it have a dwarf in it? Maybe it was an art movie.

How did we get all the way through that without any industrial?



Anonymous Anonymous  

January 08, 2007 11:35 pm

Wedding: David Bowie - Golden Years

I find that particularly amusing as we used that song twice at our wedding. :)

Blogger 200ok  

January 08, 2007 11:55 pm

hehheheh why am I not surprised? ;)

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