the weekend that was

Haven't done a weekend roundup for a while. But that means I have to actually remember stuff...

  • ++ Friday lunchtime got a phone call... it was my parents having birthday lunch with my grandma, at a seaside fish cafe at Manly (the Brisbane Manly, not the Sydney Manly). 95 years old and going strong! It was lovely to talk to her during her lunch, even if it was a quick call :)
  • + Call for contacts on microformats discuss seems to have got a message through to Google regarding the new Blogger's implementation of rel-tag. Woot!
  • + Friday night kicked off with work drinks at The Dolphin in Surry Hills.
  • -- Realised Leah was heading home from just up the road, but she'd already grabbed the bus home by the time I called her so she didn't join us :( Fair enough, she had gone all the way home. I could have sworn I'd previously suggested she come along, but we figure it didn't really click.
  • Stayed longer than expected until couldn't ignore hunger. Wandered off and found cab home. Realised I am definitely behind on shouts for Lachlan and Gleddy. It's the problem of getting shouts from people who drink faster than you do...
  • + Slept in on Saturday.
  • - Not a great sleep though.
  • ++ Breakfast at Concrete. Pancakes nearly beat me, but I pushed through the wall and vaquished the stack! ;)
  • ++ Dinner with the Rocksluts at the Japanese/sushi place around the corner, hurrah for new takeaway option as Leah found lots she liked too.
  • + Noticed the sushi place does non-fish stuff, so I can start having sushi with work crew! Yay.
  • +++ Gig at Bar Broadway with Rocksluts. Kicked off with Reflection Point, good rock act, fronted by a rock girl with a big voice. Missed out on one of their free CDs though, doh! Next act was The Follow, who bored me. Finished off with Ink who rocked. Seriously, fucking great loud angry metal! Lots of funny stage antics and the boys can play.
  • For some reason really noticed the drummers and their different styles. They guy from Ink had a way of sort of flicking the sticks around that was quite graceful to watch. The guy from Reflection Point hit harder but had a way of throwing in lighter embellishments that knocked things up a notch. *shrug* I dunno, I'm no drummer so I don't really know what I'm talking about. But still it was interesting to me :)
  • Odd moment that I can't classify: went to the Gents at the gig, huge security guard was sort of taking up the whole urinal. He realised and shuffled over, then admitted he'd been reading the flyer that had fallen in. I realised we were taking a leak on a flyer for Dead Inside the Chrysalis, a band I can truly say I supported once (as in, our band was the support act). A long time ago and in fact the second and final gig for that great footnote in Australian music history ;) Small world eh. Smaller still: Ink is largely composed of guys from Jerk, who were supposed to play that same club (maybe not that same night, but the same event anyway - I can't really remember any more).
  • -- Post gig mission for dessert was a washout. Gelati place closed shortly before we go there, then (with the triumph of hope over experience) we tried a cafe on the way back through Darling Harbour. Gads, never again, that's it, all strikes used. Should have got stuff from the all night supermarket and gone home. I mean, seriously, how can you fuck up two scoops of ice cream?? They managed.
  • - Another crappy sleep on Sunday. Bleh.
  • -- Went over to get coffee from Concrete, but they were closed! Argh, when did they stop trading on Sundays? I guess it's been a while, we've been using our espresso machine for weeks (it's off at Sunbeam right now). Tried coffee from Cafe on Pyrmont, not bad but not impressed. Should have gone over to the patisserie.
  • +/- Tore all over the place and got fruit market and groceries done.
  • + Met Leeno from Ink while shopping in Coles. Nice guy. I think he was torn between 'hey cool, someone saying hi and liked the gig' and 'aww, but we're in Coles'. Not a lot of rock cred in aisle five, eh :)
  • +/- Got cleaning done ahead of inspection today. Didn't exactly go nuts since by this place's standards the fact it's not covered in engine oil is probably enough.
  • +/- Rebuild of PC proceedingly slowly.
  • -- Having trouble with external HDD. MBP seems to read it ok, which is exceedingly weird (it's formatted NTFS). Suspect it needs better drivers for XP, attempting contact with manufacturer.
  • -- Dishwasher blew up (literally, with a bang). Fuck. Now we have to deal with tardiest fucks that ever called themselves fucktards and pretended to be real estate agents.
  • -- Monday kicked off by dealing with moron aircon repair guys. Two guys, one doing all the work and the other - a pathetic small man with a serious snob complex - just watched. They were totally unprepared and ..... well, fuck it, they were basically the last straw. We are going to move, the only people worse than our landlords are the morons they hire. There's only one guy in the entire operation who is not totally fucked in the head.
  • - Got copiously rained on while walking to work. Mental note - take big umbrella next time, not the small umbrella.

Rain today was nice, pity I couldn't just stay home and watch it :)

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