Well now, it has been a busy few days.

  • Webjam on Thursday night. Very fun, not least due to the Melbourne contingent. I stuck to the true male way of expression affection, by yelling "dodgy fuckers!" on sight ;)
  • Greatly enjoyed the unveiling of
  • Tried to console a lovesick Brothercake, limited success as you might expect with such things.
  • Discussed issues of the day, with great gusto and great company.
  • Can't remember how many scotches I had (open bar thanks Microsoft, whee!), but can remember everything that happened. Which is about the right balance really :) Suspect switching to scotch instead of beer was a good move, I get mashed much faster on beer.
  • Went when the night's crossroads were reached - first venue closed; from there I could walk home or cab a significant distance in the wrong direction for pizza I didn't need (having stuffed myself with noodles en route to Webjam). Surprising show of restraint really.
  • Got stuck on Pyrmont Bridge for quite some time as about 15-20 yachts came through for a boat show. Never seen them open it up completely before, monorail span and all...
  • Lots of very very rough looking people at work on Friday ;)
  • Friday night mission didn't eventuate, had a relatively quiet one.
  • Up early Saturday morning - by my standards - and off to Barcamp for 9am start.
  • Lots of people shuffling their feet and not wanting to go first, so I dived in and kicked off a first session topic, "to hack code, first hack people". Well attended and went for over half an hour which is long by barcamp standards! Great discussion.
  • Saw Chaals in person for the first time since OZeWAI 2004, which was great.
  • Loaded up with Opera shwag, also great for this little Opera fanboy ;) I now have a tshirt with Opera-logo ninja! (best freebie shirt ever!) ...and a sticker that reads "Opera - so fast you'll crap in your pants" and many other items including badger^H^H^Hbadges.
  • Found myself volunteered to run a session on microformats. People around me were saying 'yeah we really need a session on microformats, someone should totally do that!' and I looked up to find three people literally pointing at me! :) I was more than a little surprised, but hey why not so the topic went up on the board. In the end it was the last session of the day and beer o'clock was calling, but spirited discussion ensued. Hurrah!
  • Long walk to pub ate up time so I bid farewell to barcampers, to go check out some very different camp.
  • Leah and I went and saw the mardi gras parade. Lots of fun, even though we were only on street level and couldn't see a hell of a lot. I am left wondering if there are support groups for gay people who don't like Kylie Minogue though ;) Hell of a party atmosphere, I can really see why it turns into such a massive party.
  • We however were well and truly out of energy by this stage, so we hopped a monorail over the crowds and grabbed gelati at Darling Harbour on the way home. Watched people drifting about in some very expensive boats.
  • Pondered Sydney's drinking laws - it's legal for people to drink in the street. The result is ...well, tacky. It's not sophisticated to have streets full of people staggering about clutching six packs and goon bags. Besides which, what's the attraction? Why not just drink at your mate's place? I also think it's half the reason the streets are so grubby (combined with stupid lack of bins). Bottles and shit everywhere all the time! Anyway...
  • Sunday. Umm, well I slept most of it. I thought I hadn't slept that much but it seems I was out for at least 12 hours. Guess I needed it. Only ventured out to get in some supplies for a very tasty dinner.
  • Monday was very long, stressful and crap. Glad that one's over.

So that's about where I'm up to. Jealous of all the people about to fly out to SXSW, but also inspired to try to get my arse over there (or to Web Directions North) at some point in future.

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Blogger Unknown  

March 06, 2007 10:39 am

Awesome to catch up with you, as always :)

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