suckage, and set top boxes

Today sucked.

...I'm sure I should be able to come up with more than that. Well actually I shouldn't really dig into specifics here (public blog and all) so there's not a lot more to be said anyway.

So tonight has been comedy on TV (yay Spicks and Specks and The Chaser!), pizza from Portofino and the last of the bottle of Chivas Regal from when I left Griffith. How that lasted six months I do not know ;) Come to think of it, I think there might still be some of the other bottle of scotch from when I left Griffith, too. Better see to that...

Watching TV has become a lot more enjoyable lately since I finally cracked and bought a cheap set top box. The TV reception here is absolute crap, but the digital signal is pretty much fine (other than channel ten anyway).

It's just a pity you can't tape and watch digital TV at the same time... so House was taping (fair use, huzzah!) and all the ABC content was fuzzy crap. That aside, the set top box has been an excellent investment. Crystal clear SBS! Awesome. Channel 10 sucks though, we regularly have to revert to normal signal.

What's thought provoking about that is what will happen when there's no analogue signal any more? When digital goes to crap it's unwatchable - there's no 'we'll just put up with the slight ghosting/haze'... bad digital means you change the channel. From what people have been telling me, different suburbs have problems with different channels.

I'm glad it's Channel 10 that's crap here - give me ABC and SBS! Top Gear, Mythbusters, Iron Chef, Rockwiz, Spicks and Specks, The Chaser... all the best stuff eh. Sure, Ch10 has some cool stuff too but it also has metric fuckloads of utter shite. I could live without Ch10.

But the fact of the matter is digital is fantastic when it works... and it craps out a lot more than analogue (how often do channels simply disappear? not that often..). No wonder digital uptake is incredibly low.

Still, even with the problems I do recommend getting a set top box.

Herendeth the ramble. I'm off for some retro gaming deathmatch (return to castle wolfenstein - friendly to ageing video cards :)).


Anonymous Anonymous  

March 29, 2007 10:59 am

Just bought a wide screen CRT with in-built HD tuner. Picture is amazing on all channels. But then I do live in the country with line-of-sight to a big-arse repeater on a local hill-top. maybe you should get your local member to guarantee digital access in the city to the standard enjoyed by the country - he he.

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