grease and context

I don't know which is funnier or more wrong... the fact that McDonalds UK will be able to power its entire fleet with its own grease, or the fact they employ a Senior VP who would utter the phrase As we get better at the refinement we will be able to remove virgin rape from the process.


Yes, that's the real quote reported by Planet Ark. Apparently the guy doesn't realise that the internet exists to quote people out of context.

It doesn't even matter that he's talking about the composition of the biofuel, with is 85% waste vegetable oil and 15% virgin rapeseed oil. Some things you just shouldn't say! How do you get to be a Senior VP without learning to just say 'canola oil'?

Meanwhile they've observed that while many people say biodiesel vehicles smell like McDonald's chips, that's not the reason they're doing it. They reckon their trucks won't smell like that. Maybe they just don't want to admit that their product smells the same as vehicular waste fumes.

Source: McDonald's Grease Powering McDonald's Trucks | EcoGeek via Context Is Everything | Media Influencer.


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