photo: the farm

the farm

The farm... a loop of the driveway, the old church, the deer handling sheds and the huge old gum tree. Taken while we were up there in April.

the farm

an awful lot has happened in this small frame.

  • I spent endless hours playing pool in the church (and had my apparently-legendary 18th birthday party in there).
  • I raced friends around the track on our BMXes.
  • I learned to drive the ute around the track (yes, just as soon as my feet could touch the pedals). I also learned to drive the tractor.
  • I played with our dogs when they were puppies; and many many years later we buried them under the huge old gum tree.
  • I cleared flood debris off fences behind the church and fought a grass fire which started on the right of this picture.
  • I helped ferry ute loads of hay down to the deer paddock from the machinery shed.
  • I helped pen deer in the handling shed (I was too young to actually get in with the animals, so my job was to pull gates shut).
  • I rode horses in the yards behind the machinery shed, and in fact all over the property. My pony once dived under the church while I was still on him.
  • I ran amok (and occasionally sang) at the bush eisteddfods held in a marquee to the left of the gum tree.

yep, it's a quiet life on the farm.

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