one year

So, it's been a year. Tomorrow marks one year to the day since I first walked into my new job down here and the first day we moved into this unit (yeah, that really did happen on the same day). That makes it a year and a couple of days since we arrived in Sydney, but I don't think it really counts until you're out of the hotel ;)

A year ago finding our way a few suburbs across Sydney was a major operation, with much flipping of Refidex pages and cursing of Sydney's signage (which both sucks and blows). A simple run from the hotel to Leichardt for italian took ages and stressed us out completely, since we didn't know the way to anything.

Last night, by coincidence, we got takeaway from the same place; and it was a quick and easy drive. Funny the little things which tell you that you're kind of getting used to a new city ;)

So anyway, it's been a year. I still think Sydney is nuts, an extremely elaborate practical joke, but the place has grown on me. I regularly notice the wonderful buildings and gorgeous weather, instead of just noticing the grime.

Next week, it's Web Directions South. Instead of being a seriously displaced newbie, this time around I'm a vaguely settled local. Probably won't make much difference after a few beers ;)

What have I learned so far? Well, being away is great until someone at home is in trouble and you can't do a fucking thing to help. Then it bites. It's awesome when friends come to visit. It's great to push your comfort zone. It's fun to find new haunts, new places and events.

I haven't enjoyed every day, in fact I've often been miserable and have wished on many occasions that we'd never had the stupid idea. But I don't regret the decision. Moving was the right thing for us to do.

That probably says it all really.



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