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A little update for those who haven't heard through other channels...

L broke her foot a few weeks back; the novelty of that has certainly worn off. She spent a week in a plaster 'backslab' cast; and is now in one of those moon boot contraptions and on crutches until Christmas.

It happened when she tripped on a crappy, broken footpath; fell over and twisted her foot. She 'fractured her fifth metatarsal' which is apparently at least as painful as it sounds.

There's not a hell of a lot more you can say about that, really. It sucks, it's ongoing, we look forward to the end of it.

Bugger! Then this week we got rear-ended. An ambulance came out of a side street through a red light; so the motorbike in front of me pulled up in a hurry; so I pulled up in a hurry to avoid collecting the bike; then the Audi behind me pulled up......almost in time to avoid clipping me.

You can't really see the damage in the photo, but the quote just came back at $1800 to fix it. Ever get the feeling approved repairers aren't shy to quote up? Anyway. It'll be going on the other guy's insurance. I feel bad for him since it was really the ambulance's fault - although you can't really fault them either. Ambos have to do crazy stuff to get through Sydney traffic. Unfortunately in this case, there was a car accident because we had to take drastic action to avoid them.

Meanwhile, work is crazy. I live in Interesting Times.

So anyway. That's what we're up to.


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