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setting flickr metadata using IPTC information

I've tried setting Flickr metadata using IPTC information before, but got snagged on the keywords. I'd assumed you should use comma or quote delimiters, but Flickr just reads that as one big keyword.

I couldn't find any details about it over at Flickr, apart from a brief blog post. There's nothing in the FAQ about IPTC metadata. I realise now that you can search the help forum but at the time I was FAQ-focussed :)

I tried to look up the IPTC standard (to find out what the standard delimiter is) but their website is a warren and I had no luck. A little ironic really.

But anyway I've worked it out - keywords need a line break. I find that a bit of a weird delimiter but what the hey. So I'll be using IPTC fields to set up my metadata from now on. The main advantage is storing the metadata inside the asset - that is, the photo's JPG contains the metadata. So if I have to re-upload, or upload to another system sometime down the track, then my original files have the metadata.

I set the IPTC metadata using Irfanview, my image viewer of choice. Some editing software might have different names/labels for the IPTC fields.

First off, all IPTC fields seem to be revealed on the 'more detail' screen. Some are extracted for more general use though; this is the rough map based on some experiments:

Map of IPTC fields (as shown in Irfanview) to Flickr fields
IPTC Field Flickr Field Notes
Caption Description  
Headline Title See Object Name
Object Name Title Object Name overrides Headline for use as Flickr Title if both are present in IPTC.
Keywords Tags Each keyword needs to be on its own line in the IPTC metadata.
City Converts to tag(s) Bug 1: Multi-word location fields will be added both as a single keyword and separated keywords. I tried wrapping them in quotes but that didn't help. It's a single-line field so I gather line breaks don't apply. I'm pretty sure this is a bug and not some kind of quirk of the IPTC standard..
Bug 2
: sublocation does not convert to tags but does show in 'more detail' view. A fix has been suggested in the Flickr Ideas group.
Sub-location See bug 2
Province-State Converts to tag(s)
Country Converts to tag(s)
??? Geotag I've seen a couple of posts which suggest this is possible but I can't find definitive info.

The full list of fields that I'm sure are shown in 'more detail' view:

  • Caption/Abstract
  • Caption Writer/Editor
  • Headline
  • Special Instructions
  • By-Line (Author)
  • By-Line Title (Author Position)
  • Credit
  • Source
  • Object Name (Title)
  • Date Created
  • City
  • Sub-Location
  • Province/State
  • Country/Primary Location Name
  • Original transmission reference
  • Category
  • Supplemental Category
  • Urgency
  • Keywords
  • Copyright Notice

Other fields might also come through. This list is pretty much everything shown in Irfanview. I'd look up the IPTC standard again to see if there's a full list, but life's too short to dig through that mess again.

Anyway, hopefully that info will be useful to someone else too... :)

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around the traps

around the traps

but of course

Which Alice in Wonderland character are YOU?

You scored as Cheshire Cat.

You scored the Cheshire Cat! You are quite a cheerful sort although you can be very cheeky to others. You like to stir up trouble and confuse people with your nonsense talk, although you do give sound advice in the end.

  • Cheshire Cat 75%
  • The Dormouse 67%
  • Carpenter 67%
  • Alice 67%
  • Walrus 58%
  • Caterpillar 58%
  • Mad Hatter 58%
  • March Hare 58%
  • The White Rabbit 50%
  • Queen of Hearts 50%
  • Tweedle Dee & Tweedle Dum 50%
  • Flamingo 50%
  • A Playing Card 50%
  • Oyster 33%


So... Christmas! We headed up to Brisbane this year, first to catch Daft Punk then to meet up with my family on Moreton Island for a week.

we don't have a problem

We took essential supplies.

The first night up there we nearly headed to the Christmas party for my old Griffith team, but given a) they were bowling, which is not much fun for someone on crutches; and b) we were both deliriously tired; we opted for a quiet dinner at Castelli's before crashing out at the house'o'colinmo.

(part of) the griffith gang the metal spoon stands up!

The next day we bolted off to the city to load up on reading material at Pulp Fiction, then headed out for coffee at Griffith. The coffee mission also provided photographic proof of the hot chocolate so thick a metal spoon stands up in it, for certain disbelievers who said it couldn't be true.

Unfortunately we had to call off going to the Daft Punk gig that evening, since L's foot just wasn't ready to deal with a huge crowd and standing for hours. So, her little sister got perhaps the Best. Christmas. Present. Ever. ;) It was disappointing to miss the concert, but at least the tickets went to a good home.

Having ditched the robot rocking french duo, we had the evening free to hang out at the house'o'colinmo! There was a chinese feast, there was retro platform gaming, there was linked Nintendo DS fun, there was a viewing of Hogfather and various YouTube hilarity (eg. episodes of QI, above; they say of the acropolis where the parthenon is....). All in all a damn fine evening.

waiting for the ferry rails and water

After a leisurely start the next day we headed to the ferry terminal, which is a fancy way of saying a big ramp and a surprisingly comfortable little bus shelter type arrangement.

Turns out the new Moreton ferry is a tad more civilised than the old Moreton ferry, not to mention totally beyond the old no-frills Stradbroke barge. Not to say I don't love the old barge, but the Micat (Moreton Island CATamaran) has a canteen, bar and Aroma's espresso. Plus, mobile phones work all the way to Moreton Island, allowing me to ring friends and Twitter my location from the middle of the bay. What a world we live in ;)


I think this is my favourite pic from the whole trip (grain and all, I know it's not the best shot I've ever taken). I've always loved getting onto the ferry/barge on the way to an island (Stradbroke, Moreton, Fraser...). Memories from childhood I guess - this was the start of the holiday.

There's also something deeply satisfying about watching your daily life disappear slowly over the horizon, amidst the smell of the ocean and the sound of the engines. It's an odd combination - the peace of the water, compared with the industrial noise of a vehicle barge.

Anyway, I love it. This is already on the wall at work.

colours in the water passing ship

So anyway... we got to the beach at Moreton and wrestled our bags off the ferry and onto the sand, where mum and dad came cruising in and collected us. We bounced off through the forest and up the hill to the holiday house; and settled in for a week of food, booze and doing as little as possible (fishing doesn't count).

eastern beach fishing, with 4wds

I went fishing on the eastern beach (ocean side) with my dad, my brother and my brother in law. Once you're in the surf, it's basically you; your rod and line; the waves and the horizon. Occasionally a fish might intrude too, but it's not 100% required ;) Actually I caught 8 fish and was pretty happy with that, even if they were all tiny little dart which I caught and released.

Bloke point check: went fishing, caught fish, drove 4wd on sand, drank beer (in a "Bloke Island" stubbie cooler, no less), didn't shave. Yup, much-needed bloke point increase ;)

sunset wild dolphin feeding

Christmas Day was the predictable mountain of food and afternoon torpor. But since our place actually overlooked Tangalooma we decided to head down and see the wild dolphin feeding in the evening. You'll just have to trust me, the grey blur in the photo is a dolphin. While the whole feeding bit was a bit tourist-resort-y (and only open to people staying in the resort itself, ruling us out), watching the dolphins was really cool. They actually live wild, even if they do cruise in for an easy feed every night. One in particular kept hunting fish - you'd see him bolting through the water with fish leaping out trying to escape.

placing the forces don't forget your risk card

Returning from the dolphins, it was clearly time for world domination. Segway? I don't need no stinkin' segway. The sacred ritual of RISK was observed. My forces did not fare well, but more importantly the night was my brother's first foray onto the battlefield - hopefully the first of many still to come.

creepers on dune washout 2

On Boxing Day we went for a drive up the eastern beach. The weather was moody, hinting at the wild weather that was heading towards Queensland.

down in the tyre track micat 3

Eventually we had to go home, time flies and all that.

wreck from ferry 1 cscl qingdao

The crossing back was seriously windy, but it's always interesting as it takes you past the Tangalooma wrecks; and in this case we came surprisingly close to a huge container ship.

After a quick lunch at James Street, my parents dropped us off to the airport. Faced with a two hour wait in a packed departure lounge (with absolutely no way for L to elevate her foot) we did the honourable thing and booked into the Blue Lounge. It was very expensive for such a short wait, but I'd certainly recommend it if you can afford it and/or you have a really long wait ahead of you.

Cost aside, the Blue Lounge was a great move. I realise now that a big reason I am so stressed on planes is the endless, aggressive noise of the departure lounge beforehand. This way we sat around on comfortable chairs, L had her foot up on a padded ottoman, we read books, had a free coffee/beer, I checked email to pass the time. Plus, joy of travelling joys, the toilets were fully functional and spotless. I'd stop short of saying the wait was enjoyable but it certainly passed quickly.

Our luck was in on the plane and we got a row of three seats to ourselves, letting us spread out and get comfortable. Nice! Plus Virgin's new in-seat TVs have a map channel that shows your flight's location, altitude and air speed - very cool :) Considering we had to fly around and over a massive storm, the flight was pretty smooth.

....and that was Christmas 2007.

Heaps more photos: Christmas 2007 on flickr.

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2007 mix tape

  1. Stem (Cops & Robbers Mix) - DJ Shadow
  2. Be There (Featuring Ian Brown) - U.N.K.L.E.
  3. Unmarked Helicopters - Soul Coughing
  4. Cancer For The Cure - Eels
  5. Hospital Food - Eels
  6. Ruby - Tweaker
  7. One Better - Les Claypool
  8. Let My Baby Ride - R.L. Burnside
  9. Are You The One? - The Presets
  10. Purple Haze - The Cure
  11. Coming Down (Drug Tongue) - The Cult
  12. 463 - Buck 65
  13. Que' Onda Guero - Beck
  14. Forgotten Whales - That1Guy