chemical brothers

chemical brothers

So, we went to The Chemical Brothers on Friday night. It was the first time we'd seen them since Big Day Out 2000 (Gold Coast). That time they came on at the end of the night and we were buggered, we thought we'd just watch. But they were so damn good we danced hell for leather the whole way though (Carl Cox had the same effect the following year).

So we were hopeful that this show would be pretty good too, even if we didn't have standing seats. In any case, L's foot still gets sore so being able to sit down sometimes wasn't a bad idea.

The music was great! A good set with a mix of new/old, singles/album tracks. I was pleased when the lead-in of Leave Home got a huge reaction :)

The crowd detracted pretty seriously from the show though. We really can't understand the crowd you apparently get at the Sydney Entertainment Centre (it was similar at The Cure, although not as bad). Several groups around us kept up a constant (seriously, non stop) bucket chain out to the bar; regularly ignoring the gig in their fixation on booze. There was a group in front of us that spent most of their time taking photos of each other and having yelled conversations with their backs to the stage. A group behind us spend the last 10-15 minutes screaming "fuck you", presumably at the Chemical Brothers.

Chemical Brothers ticket What the fuck? Why would you go to a gig you don't give a shit about? Why would you spend $90+ when you could just as easily go to a pub? The leading theory is that there's a breed of tragic that wants to be able to say they were there, regardless of whether they actually enjoyed it.

I guess our view of big-name gigs was shaped by the Brisbane Entertainment Centre. Not that great a venue, but the crowd was committed. Let's face it, you've gotta be keen to drive all the way out to Boondall (often on a weeknight). So you you're not going to get so many "casual punters". A crowd that really wants to be there is going to be more fun than a crowd of people who really just want to be seen.

But anyway, despite all that it was a great show, Chemical Brothers are always good value. I just hope they don't play at the Entertainment Centre next time ;)



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