sydney, why do you hate my car?

In 18 months my car has been rear-ended, keyed, rummaged once (pretty sure I left it unlocked so really my fault) and now someone has tried to crowbar their way in.

Apparently Sydney does not like my car. I don't know what we did to offend Sydney, but there it is.

I am somewhat impressed that the glass held though (keep in mind these are frameless doors):

subi glass 1, crowbar 0 subi glass 1, crowbar 0

Subi glass appears to be made of kevlar. Or maybe it's just the tinting film.

I'm sure I should be a lot more pissed off, what with the $500 excess and all. But I'm just kind of grateful neither one of us actually encountered the frustrated, crowbar-wielding crim. Much as I do love my car, it is just a car and it can be fixed.

Still, I am grateful for the sentiment expressed by my Twitter compatriots. They immediately offered to gather a mob with pitchforks and flaming torches, then hit the streets of Sydney "hunting a lame car thief with no skills or respect".

It's nice to have people willing to form a mob for you ;)


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