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Lord of the Internet 72% Social, 72% Entertainment, 67% Practical

All hail the Lord of the Internet! Master of the Digital! King of Networking! Emperor of...

Enough of that. You scored high in every category the test registered. That means that either there's something wrong with my test (an obvious impossibility, right?) or you have an attachment to the Internet that is almost transcendent. Your results tell me that you have experience with both hardware and software, know the ins and outs of the Internet and have a range of interests that can be generously described as "broad." Of course to achieve this status, you've no doubt had to neglect other parts of your life. Ultimately, you have to ask: was it REALLY worth it?

...of COURSE it was worth it! How silly of me.

  • You scored higher than 99% on Social
  • You scored higher than 99% on Entertainment
  • You scored higher than 99% on Practical

The Ultimate Nerdy Internet Persona Test

...from which we can conclude the test actually works quite well ;)


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