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I've been tagged! Aleks Bochniak writes... Seven things.

Now admittedly I think Jeremy Keith may have ruined me for this meme with his response: Adactio: Journal—Five things you may not know about Jeremy Keith. But I'll take a crack at this anyway...

Actually if you read this blog you probably know the vaguely interesting stuff already. But then the meme is may not know as opposed to 'stuff you definitely won't know'.

So... um, if you haven't been paying attention, you might have missed stuff, so seven things you may (theoretically) not know about me:

  • Many people are still surprised to find out that I grew up on a deer farm. Yep, deer. As in bambi, although we farmed a different breed (bambi was probably based on a Fallow, we farmed Rusa).
  • I like rock climbing (I'm only a recent convert though). Indoor, top-roping and bouldering so far.
  • In my professional life I speak at conferences. I get nervous but ultimately enjoy public speaking - apparently that makes me weird.
  • I'm supposed to include 'random' facts. Does being a founding member of Team Random count? I think so.
  • I think meerkats are about the coolest creatures ever.
  • Previous point notwithstanding, I dearly want a border collie. Well actually I really want two, so they can keep each other company during the day (we had two on the farm). Unfortunately we live in a small unit in a city, which would make a dog very unhappy (particularly an energetic working dog like a border collie).
  • Despite being obsessed with coffee, I usually only have one a day. Workmates have noted this goes a long way towards explaining why I'll happily walk 'for miles' to get a good one.

Who am I tagging? Well actually I don't really like doing that - instead, if you're reading this consider yourself potentially tagged. If you do the meme, leave a comment :)


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