more fun with samples: apache

A friend of mine pointed out that if I was into the history of the Amen Break I should also know Apache. It was written by Jerry Lordan and first released by The Shadows in the 60s. But it was The Incredible Bongo Band's cover, released in the 70s, that became a staple of hip hop sampling - called the national anthem of hip hop by some.

Here it is...

If you don't recognise it at first, wait for the drum break in the middle. Then you'll realise you've heard it tons of times... YouTube - grandmaster flash and his adventures on the wheels of steel, live 1983, YouTube - Sugar Hill Gang-Jump On It, YouTube - Dj Shadow and Cut Chemist The hard sell (Encore ) Part 3, YouTube - Apache (Fatboy Slim Remix)...

The hat tip for this one goes to DJ Jeffo ;)


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