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  • Taggers are the trolls of the graf world. By and large when people talk about graffiti being 'vandalism' what has happened is taggers have scrawled over someone's expensive new fence, shopfront, etc - sites that are aggressive, places you know someone cares about and will be forced to spend money cleaning and repainting. Compare this with graffiti artists who choose bare, unloved walls (did you really prefer the bare concrete underpass?). I tend to think of tagging as the angriest and most destructive form of street art, a kind of territorial pissing of the have-not which says 'you may have this, but i can take it away'. Taggers do this not only to mainstream property, but to other graffiti as well. It creates a rift in the world of graffiti. But you can't reason with them: Dear Bitch Ass Tagger on Flickr. The taggers response to a letter from a graffiti artist? They tagged it of course.
  • GRAFFITI_MELBOURNE_0909_853 on Flickr
  • nemi cartoon
  • LOL Blues Brothers:
    It’s 106 miles to Chicago, we got a full tank of gas, half a pack of dog treats, your eyes glow in the dark and we’re not wearing collars. Hit it.
  • Splunge: 24/08/09 13:30:16 Got accosted by some annoying religious zealots on my lunch break. They wanted to answer any questions I might have about why God lets bad things happen to good people. I challenged them to explain what kind of vindictive God would allow Internet Explorer 6 to have a 17% share of the browser market. They had no answer.
  • Too true:

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