I was introduced to a great concept yesterday: yoyu. I was at the Web Directions South conference and Kelly Goto mentioned it in her opening keynote for day two.

It turns out that yoyu is kind of hard to find using Google. In fact one friend observed Yoyu cannot be found with Google, which seems kind of appropriate ;)

As it turns out the first useful link I found was Kelly's mother talking about it:

There is a Japanese word, "yoyu". We use the word often. It means to have extra preparation.


"Yoyu" also has the implication of calmness one feels when they are extra prepared. It is that space between "Get Ready" and "Go" – the space "Get set" or "Be ready" or "feel confident". For instance, I might say, "He/she lacks yoyu." when I see someone leading a frazzled existence. I might tell our daughters to consider scheduling their lives with a little more yoyu. Therefore, I would use the word more for a lifestyle suggestion. It’s a big picture word.

yoyu | goto company

In a linked post, Kelly explains it as the time ‘in-between’ things, allowing moments to relax, regroup and prepare for next appointment, deadline or arrival. We do not have a word like this in English. It is a very significant cultural difference.

I think many of us have lives which lack yoyu.


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