around the traps

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around the traps

  • The Jalopy Journal | Time Lapse – On The Road. Time lapse of a guy driving across America in a convertible.
  • AC/DC used as Guantanamo torture tool by US government | Music | WHAT do Neil Diamond, AC/DC, Marilyn Manson, Eminem, Christina Aguilera and Don McLean have in common? They were all used as instruments of torture by the US government.
  • Aussies don't click with display advertising - Digital Media: Australia and New Zealand are among the least likely nations to click or dwell on online display advertising, according the Eyeblaster 2009 Global Benchmark Report.

    No, really, there's an ad company called Eyeblaster. Nobody in the industry appears to find that problematic.

    In less mature markets, where users are novice in online advertising, they receive ads with more open arms. When the market matures, the users’ fatigue together with increased competition for their attention reduces engagement significantly. The users’ propensity to engage with ads should be taken into account when comparing benchmarks between geographies and verticals.

    Translated that means people only click for a little while, then they get the shits and just ignore the ads. What this all means is the online advertising industry is fundamentally flawed (and always was), as it relies on clicks as a key metric. No other advertising medium tracks an equivalent, instead you have to measure something worth knowing - like brand awareness and association after a campaign.

  • Breakfast on the Sydney Harbour Bridge on Vimeo. Time lapse of the Sydney Harbour Bridge being covered in real grass for the Breakfast on the Bridge event.

Two cats looking down: Oops

cat asleep in bass drum. caption: rude awakening in 3...2...1...