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  • Driftwood Stencil |
  • A Softer World: 528:
  • Since music can be digitised and put on a tiny USB drive, why don't we see more creative packaging for music? Sunshine Enema | Lovely Package: We started brainstorming knowing two things - we wanted our music on a USB drive and we wanted the packaging to be humorous - a bright, glossy coating to the darker themes of the music. After about an hour, the plans for ‘Sunshine Enema’ were fully realized - we would have a USB drive shaped like a pill nestled inside a pill bottle.
  • The magic, ie. weirdness, of how tv and movies are shot using greenscreens:

  • Darius Guppy: our world balances on a sea of debt - Telegraph. Short version: the way governments and banks handle money is seriously fucking weird.

...and then there were lols.

Funny Pictures of Cats With Captions

Funny Pictures - Cat I Will Come Down

around the traps

  • Right, so wingsuit base jumping was insane... but not insane enough for this guy. He strapped jet engines to his legs.

  • The Real life Lichtenstein-Comic-Girl — Illusion 360
  • This is a pretty cool dance routine - cyborgs, a sense of humour and some impressive tricks.

    (direct link in case the embed didn't work: SYTYCD: top 10 boys dancing to We Want Your Soul)
  • Ok, so mostly this is Dolph Lundgren singing, then suddenly DRUMS AND SMASHING SHIT...and then back to singing:

    (you can skip to about 2mins in if you want to cut to the WTF...)