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We saw The Cult a couple of weeks ago at Luna Park, on their Love tour. Basically they played Love from start to end, then did an encore of other songs. Unsurprisingly, She Sells Sanctuary was a massive hit with the crowd - although for the most part, the crowd did the usual Sydney thing of acting vaguely bored with the whole thing (in between trips to the bar).

I wonder perhaps is it hard to get the usual gig vibe going when everyone knows which song's coming up next? We even overheard a couple of people bitching that they didn't think they'd play the whole album. Kind of amazing really, since that was the entire advertised point of the gig.

Ignoring the immovable crowd, it was a great gig. Pure, awesome rock and roll. Plenty of guitar horn, windmills and over the top posing. Astbury threw a seemingly endless supply of tambourines to the crowd. At least one cigarette lighter was waved - a real one, not a phone app...

Astbury's crowd interaction was a bit strange at times, couldn't aways understand what he was saying but he was obviously frustrated by the crowd's low energy. Personally, I do blame the crowd. I've given up on the ennui fucks. If you want to be in an appreciative and energetic crowd, go to the Brisbane gig.

No matter what the frustrations, I still enjoyed it immensely - I was buzzing for days. Hearing Love played end to end just highlights how many great songs that album contains. A great gig, reckon we'll see them again next time they're out here (they said it wouldn't be too long, hurrah!).



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