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  • a sea of lead, a sky of slate: Abandoned on Everest (note: contains images of bodies): [T]he body of a climber who died in 1996 has been a grim landmark for every climber of the Northeast route, lying curled up in the fetal position, wearing fluorescent green mountaineering boots. ... In the 56 years since the first men in history reached the top, 216 people have died, and the grim reality of the horrific conditions of the Final Push is that 150 bodies have never been, and likely can never be, recovered.

    Also: Everest death zone set for a spring clean up | Reuters

  • Next stop: Hardware piracy: Whatever happens, one thing's for sure: If you sell collectible action figures for a living, you should be nervous.
  • ongoing by Tim Bray: WikiLeaks: Yes, you can lock down your network with sharp-fanged firewalls, and disable the USB socket and DVD writer in all the computers. ... You can take a horrible productivity hit or you can deal with the enhanced risk of getting secrets leaked. My personal opinion is that your best bet is to have really good reasons for doing what you’re doing and saying what you’re saying and make sure the people who know the secrets know the reasons, too. Also, it would help if you don’t treat your staff like shit. Or condone slaughtering civilians and then try to cover it up.


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