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  • Automated ball throwing machine (with proximity sensors for safety) makes a little dog very happy:
  • Famous Lines 'Princess Bride' Cast Still Hears
  • Clubs Australia private strategy paper calls for trailer-mounted ATMs | A private strategy paper obtained exclusively by The Sunday Mail reveals that clubs are prepared to put ATMs on trailers, in carparks and in adjacent buildings to sidestep the restrictions. ... Crucially, the document also indicates clubs are publicly exaggerating the impact of planned mandatory pre-commitment measures, which will require gamblers to set limits before they play. Clubs estimate they will lose 10 to 20 per cent of gaming machine revenue under the worst-case scenario - not 40 per cent as widely claimed - the briefing says. Yes indeed, the pokie people are are prize arseholes. Now there's proof surely we could shoot at least a couple of them and hang them up as a warning to the rest?
  • xkcd 962, so very true:

    The first time I saw a video of wingsuit base jumping, my reaction was "I wish I was crazy enough to do that." Although really it's not as simple as "crazy". These days I think extreme sports are about the line of risk you are willing to cross; and the training you are willing to do to reduce the risks.

    All the training in the world wouldn't get me to a point where I could do things Jeb Corliss does. I'm just not wired in a way that would allow me to suppress fear and risk-aversion instincts to that extent.

    Wingsuit base jumping sure makes some great videos though.

  • [mySociety:public] Richard Stallman speaker visit. The list of demands is extensive and, I would guess, incredibly hard to actually meet. You'd have to really want him to speak at your event; which I suppose is probably the point. See also: The Stallman Dialogues.
  • The Frame: Japan marks 6 months since earthquake, tsunami (side by side comparison photos)

around the traps