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  • Fuck Yeah Border Collies. Your brain may melt from the cute.
  • Facebook and Instagram: When Your Favorite App Sells Out -- Daily Intel: Unfortunately everything about Facebook defies logic. In terms of user experience (insider jargon: "UX"), Facebook is like an NYPD police van crashing into an IKEA, forever - a chaotic mess of products designed to burrow into every facet of your life. The company is also technologically weird.
  • Snagging the entire quote from rmbray - There was a time on this continent before every...: There was a time on this continent before every patch of unproductive land had been steamrolled into strip malls, before government satellites peeked into living rooms to ensure the crimes of its citizens weren't in conflict with its own; before fences overtook trees as the most prevalent form of inverted cylinder on the American landscape; before popular entertainment transformed rugged individualism into brand loyalty; before moral outrage was removed from the arena of human suffering and reapplied in doublecoats to behaviors falling outside of a profitable ideological norm; before legions of half-rate messiahs and their half-rate worshippers proclaimed themselves the conscious-free devourers of all that could possibly be cajoled, raped or torn out of the ground and stuffed into their thankless bodily openings; before a human could experience birth, a approximation of life, and a tidy, well-planned death all within the confines of an air-conditioned incubator hurling through space on a diet of nothing but tepid amusement and cheap ground beef. There was a time when that wilderness was king. (Mark Driver - Just Another Empire)
  • Lui banned from NRL for rest of 2012: In a strong statement by the ARL Commission, which met today, the 22-year-old Lui was suspended from the rest of the 2012 competition, putting his career in serious doubt. ... Lui pleaded guilty last month to assaulting his partner Taleah Rae Backo following Mad Monday celebrations in September while he was at the Wests Tigers.
  • Medical Daily: Drinking Alcohol May Significantly Enhance Problem Solving Skills: Wiley said that the key finding was that being too focused can blind a person to novel possibilities and a broader, more flexible state of attention may be helpful for creative solutions to emerge. ... Wiley noted that the findings only apply to people who had only a few drinks and not when people drink to extremes.
  • Important Scientific Experiment: Can Scotch Mature In Space? - Forbes: To get the experiment going, Ardbeg teamed with NanoRacks to load samples of unmatured malt whisky with particles of charred oak. An identical setup is being used on Earth in the Ardbeg distillery. This will allow scientists to see how the products interact with each other in zero gravity compared to how they interact on Earth, thus providing insight into how Scotch would mature in low-G environments. Ardbeg's samples will be on board the International Space Station for two years.
  • Pretty well done. I think everyone I know would mash that Big Red Button on sight, too ;)

  • How to discuss politics with friends, v2 « Scott Berkun. I don't have polarised political views with many friends, but boy could you substitute 'programming languages' into that sentence...
  • What Happens When A 35-Year-Old Man Retakes The SAT?: There's no way around it. The SAT is an ASSHOLE. Everything is an order. Every line of text you read in the instructions is a dire warning that if you do not do exactly as you are told, your life will be DESTROYED.
  • US Late Late Show host joins Canberra bashing and Canberrans proceed to lose their shit.

    Ajay Rochester (who was also on the show) responds: Canberra get a life, get over yourselves, get a sense of humor and hey, at least people are talking about you - which they weren't last week.

    Most Canberrans I know admit their city has a couple of issues. It's a tad short on night life, the roads are confusing as hell, it's absolutely fucking freezing and unsettlingly quiet even during the day (seriously where the fuck are the people?). Actually that's the nice things they say. You should hear Canberra locals when they really unload on the place...

    It's not all bad, really. The galleries really are pretty good. Last time we were there we did actually find some restaurants that were open (on the one street in the CBD where people seem to congregate).


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