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  • It's Like A Cloud Of Furious Bees: Well, not actual bees, just the entomological wail of a race-prepped Mazda rotary, trapped inside a Mazda RX3 and racing through the 2010 Rally New York Autumn Rally Sprints. It is one of the loudest rally cars you'll ever hear. Wow that's loud.
  • This Diesel Rat Rod Might Twist Your Face Off. Very cool.
  • Dezeen » Blog Archive » Hydro-Fold by Christophe Guberan: This inkjet printer has been adapted by Ecole Cantonale d'art de Lausanne (ECAL) student Christophe Guberan to print patterns that contort pieces of paper into specific 3D forms. The machine prints a mixture of water and ink that causes the paper to fold automatically along wet lines and humid areas. Not sure if you can do anything especially practical with it, but it's cool.
  • Fury at PM's Games snub: Yesterday, a spokesman for the Prime Minister said Ms Gillard would be represented in London by the Minister for Sport, Kate Lundy, and that she would miss the fund-raiser because she would be representing Australia at the G20 and the UN Sustainable Development Conference. You know, little details. Mr Rudd was the first prime minister to travel to an Olympics since Malcolm Fraser in 1976. The PM prioritised attending the G20 over a sports dinner (noting the PM's office suggested alternative dates) and most PMs don't get to the Olympic Games... so John Coates has a dummy spit. Apparently the PM should snub the G20 in favour of his preferred fund raiser dates; and clear her schedule of such details as 'running the country' to ensure she's at the Olympic Games.
  • Obvious Winner - So Easy To See The Awesomeness - ow - R2-D2 Turntable for DJing Like an Astromech Droid
  • Intense rock climbing training:

  • Google BBS Terminal is retrotastic :) Although when I were a lad, any self-respecting BBS would have kicked off with a huge scrolling ANSI artwork...


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