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  • Hey -o-, let's go! - Generated Content by David Storey: We have to hope that Mozilla and IE stick to their guns. Because right now the W3C requires two interoperable implementations for something to become a standard. That now becomes two thirds of implementations. If we lose another engine, one effectively has veto power. WebKit effectively has that now anyway on mobile, where once Opera switches over the Opera Mini backend to WebKit, it is rounding errors away from complete domination.

  • Ghost Ship's New Look | We Heart; Lifestyle & Design Magazine: street art collective have grand plans for decaying icon of the North Wales coast...
  • Boba Fett: The Mixer: A DeviantArt user by the name of "tommyfilth" created this Boba Fett mixer that you didn't know existed two seconds ago, but is probably now on the top of your want list
  • Madly cool quadrocopter tricks.


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